Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Meant to Read in 2022 but Didn’t Get To

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that currently resides at The Artsy Reader Girl and features bloggers sharing lists on various book topics.  For this week’s Waiting on Wednesday, participants were required to list their most anticipated books for the first half of 2023.  However, as I covered this last week with two separate lists (one for fantasy and science fiction, and one for other genres), I am instead mixing things up and instead featuring the top books of 2022 that I wanted to read but didn’t get a chance to.

2022 was a great year for novels and I had an outstanding time getting through a solid collection of cool new releases and older novels, which were pretty much all epic and impressive reads.  However, no matter how hard one tries, there are always a couple of books each year that I did not get a chance to read, either due to time constraints, lack of access or from being overwhelmed with other books that I really wanted to read.  As a result, this is a list that is rather tinged with regret, as each book I plan to mention below is one that I really wish I had taken the time to read.

To complete this list, I pulled together some of the more interesting and compelling sounding novels that I did not get a chance to read in the last year.  Each entry was released last year and while I knew that they were coming out, I did not get a chance to read any of them.  In many cases I have these books sitting on my shelf at this moment, silently and constantly judging me, and I think I will have to try and read them to stop their bookish glares.  I was eventually able to cull my list of regret down to 10 entries with an honourable mentions section.  The final list is an interesting collection of books from across the genres and includes a couple of big 2022 releases I did not get a chance to look at.

Honourable Mentions:

Road of Bones by Christopher Golden

Road of Bones Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Three-Edged Sword by Jeff Lindsay

Three-Edged Sword Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


The Girl and the Moon by Mark Lawrence

The Girl and the Moon Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham

Age of Ash Cover

Amazon     Book Depository

Top Ten List:

Kingdoms of Death and Ashes of Man by Christopher Ruocchio

Kingdom of Death and Ashes of Man Covers

A joint entry to start things off as there were actually two books in the excellent Sun Eater series by Christopher Ruocchio released in 2022.  Unfortunately, I missed both, but hopefully I get chance to read them in 2023 as this is an extremely good series to get into.

Amazon     Book Depository

Amazon     Book Depository


An Empty Throne by Robert Fabbri

An Empty Throne Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


The Misfit Soldier by Michael Mammay

The Misfit Soldier Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish

The Bladed Faith Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Nona the Ninth Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith by Adam Christopher

Shadow of the Sith Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Falling Sky by Harry Sidebottom

Falling Sky Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Khaos by Jeremy Robinson

Khaos Cover



Warhammer 40,000: Witchbringer by Steven B. Fischer

Warhammer 40,000 - Witchbringer Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


The Starless Crown by James Rollins

The Starless Crown Cover

Amazon     Book Depository


Well, that is the end of my latest list and it looks like I have a lot catch-up reading to do if I am going to make a dent in it.  There are some truly amazing-sounding novels on this list and I fully intend to get through all of them at some point, although with all the outstanding books coming out in 2023, it might take me a little time.  In the meantime, let me know what books you most regret not reading in 2022 in the comments below.

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