Waiting on Wednesday – The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish

Welcome to my weekly segment, Waiting on Wednesday, where I look at upcoming books that I am planning to order and review in the next few months and which I think I will really enjoy.  I run this segment in conjunction with the Can’t-Wait Wednesday meme that is currently running at Wishful Endings.  Stay tuned to see reviews of these books when I get a copy of them.  In this latest Waiting on Wednesday I check out an upcoming fantasy novel with immense potential, The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish.

The Bladed Faith Cover

I recently mentioned that I thought 2022 was going to be an awesome year for fantasy fiction, especially with so many cool and impressive novels coming out.  Well, one of the upcoming fantasy novels that I am most excited for is The Bladed Faith by established author David Dalglish.  Dalglish is an exciting fantasy writer whose novels I have been meaning to check out for the while, especially with interesting works like his Half-Orc, Shadowdance and Paladins series.  It looks like I will finally have the opportunity to try one of Dalglish’s books this year as he is starting a brand-new series with the epic sounding The Bladed Faith.

Set for release in April, The Bladed Faith will be the first book in the planned The Vagrant Gods series.  I have had my eye on The Bladed Faith for a while and I was mostly just waiting for the cover to be released before I featured it in a Waiting on Wednesday article (it did appear on my recent most anticipated reads of 2022 list).  Well, the wait is finally over as Orbit just released the official cover for The Bladed Faith and I must admit it looks pretty impressive and definitely matches the outstanding and exciting narrative.


A usurped prince prepares to take up the mantel of a deadly assassin and reclaim his kingdom, his people, and his slain gods in this epic fantasy from a USA Today bestselling author.

Cyrus was only twelve years old when his gods were slain, his country invaded, and his parents—the king and queen—beheaded in front of him. Held prisoner in the invader’s court for years, Cyrus is suddenly given a chance to escape and claim his revenge when a mysterious group of revolutionaries comes looking for a figurehead. They need a hero to strike fear into the hearts of the imperial and to inspire and unite the people. They need someone to take up the skull mask and swords and to become the legendary “Vagrant”—an unparalleled hero and assassin of otherworldly skill.

But all is not as it seems. Creating the illusion of a hero is the work of many, and Cyrus will soon discover the true price of his vengeance.

Wow, this sounds like such an incredible book.  The entire story of The Bladed Faith is just so epic, and with a ton of cool suggested content, from the murdered gods to the upcoming rebellion.  The whole deposed prince who takes on the mantle of a mysterious, mystical assassin storyline is loaded with potential, and I cannot wait to see what kind of awesome carnage and intrigue this entails.  I love the hints that his attempts to get vengeance and taking on the mantle of the Vagrant are going to have some major consequences, and it will be fascinating to see who betrays who and what issues the protagonist will have to fight with.  An overall extremely amazing story, this plot synopsis alone is one of the main reasons that I have been really excited for this upcoming book.


Based on the awesome story, impressive cover and some of the pre-release buzz I am already hearing about it, I think that The Bladed Faith is going to be an epic and incredible read that I am extremely confident I am going to enjoy.  This great novel has loads of potential and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  Sure to be one of the best books of the year, I honestly believe that The Bladed Faith and The Vagrant Gods series will be a cornerstone of the fantasy genre for years.  A final callout to the cover art associated with this upcoming novel which looks absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks to Petrik at Novel Notions for showcasing the extended covers on Twitter after hosting the cover art reveal on his blog earlier in the week.


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