Waiting on Wednesday – The Queen of Days by Greta Kelly

Welcome to my weekly segment, Waiting on Wednesday, where I look at upcoming books that I am planning to order and review in the next few months and which I think I will really enjoy.  I run this segment in conjunction with the Can’t-Wait Wednesday meme that is currently running at Wishful Endings.  Stay tuned to see reviews of these books when I get a copy of them.  In this week’s Waiting on Wednesday, I highlight a very cool upcoming fantasy novel with The Queen of Days by Greta Kelly.

The Queen of Days Cover


I’m always in the mood for epic new fantasy series and books and it looks like there is a very awesome one the horizon with The Queen of Days.  Written by established author Greta Kelly, best known for her Warrior Witch duology, The Queen of Days is an impressive sounding upcoming book currently set for release in late October 2023.

I came across the synopsis for The Queen of Days a few weeks ago and I was instantly intrigued by its awesome and elaborate sounding plot that will see a team of thieves go up against everyone in a fantasy city, including a powerful god in a massive, world-ending adventure.  I love the idea of a cool fantasy heist novel that has some major repercussions for the protagonists, and this sounds particularly good especially with its cast of eccentric and over-the-top characters.  Based on the synopsis alone, I am already very excited about The Queen of Days and I have a feeling that this will end up being on the most enjoyable fantasy novels of 2023.  As such, I am already quite keen to get myself a copy of this awesome book and I look forward to reading and reviewing The Queen of Days later in the year.

Plot Synopsis:

For Balthazar and his family of thieves, stealing a statue during the annual celebration of the god Karanis was just a good bit of fun…or a way to stick it to the governor who murdered his parents. And yeah, the small fortune in reward doesn’t hurt—even if his boss also hired the mysterious Queen of Days to join the crew as “the weapon of last resort…”

Whatever that means.

But Bal doesn’t know the ceremony isn’t simply empty words and dusty tradition; it’s true magic. The kind of magic that rips open a portal for the god himself. Only the idol that Karanis planned on using for a body now lies broken at the Queen of Days’ feet. And half of it is missing.

With the aid of a lovable brawler, a society lady turned bomb maker, a disgraced soldier, and a time-eating demon, Bal must hunt down the missing half of the statue if he has any hope of earning his money, keeping his crew alive…and perhaps even saving all of humanity. But as his journey sends him racing through the city—and across realities—he discovers that doing all this might just doom the city.

The city be damned. It’s time to kill a god.

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