Book Haul – 10 April 2023

I have been having an absolutely fantastic couple of weeks for book, as I have been lucky enough to receive several incredible and amazing new novels from some of my local publishers.  These novels include some truly awesome new releases, including some books that have the potential to be the top novels of 2023.  I am extremely keen to check out all of the books below and they should make for some amazing reads.

Star Wars: Battle Scars by Sam Maggs

Star Wars - Battle Scars Cover

First up, I recently received a copy of the cool new Star Wars novel, Battle Scars by Sam Maggs.  A tie-in to the Star Wars Jedi video games, Battle Scars is being released in conjunction with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and serves as a bridging novel between it and the first game, Fallen Order.  This should be an outstanding book for fans of the games and I look forward to seeing what interesting story Sam Maggs has come up with.



Death Under a Little Sky by Stig Abell

Death Under a Little Sky Cover

The next book I received a copy of was Death Under a Little Sky by Stig Abell.  This is Abell’s debut novel and sees a London detective trying to retire in the country until he uncovers a dark murder in his new small town.  This sounds like a fun take on classic British crime fiction novels and I will be interested to see both the murder mystery and the changing settings within the book.



Homecoming by Kate Morton

Homecoming Cover

An intriguing, multi-generational mystery novel by a talented Australian author, this will no doubt be an excellent read.



Search History by Amy Taylor

Search History Cover

Australian author Amy Taylor makes her unique fiction debut with Search History, which sees a woman get obsessed with diving into her new boyfriend’s history online, only to discover a dark secret about his past relationships.  This sounds like a very fun book that will no doubt critique our overuse of social media.



Ascension by Nicholas Binge

Ascension Cover

A freaky and compelling science fiction thriller that follows a group of scientists sent to investigate a mysterious mountain that rose out of the ocean, only to discover dark secrets and dangerous self-reflection.  I am very curious to see what happens in Ascension and it sounds like quite the fascinating read.



The next several books are all ones I received in advance through NetGalley.  This is actually the first time I have really used NetGalley (I know, I’m behind the times), and I am loving that I got early copies of several outstanding books.


Witch King by Martha Wells

Witch King Cover

I was very happy to get an early copy of one of the hottest upcoming fantasy books of 2023 with Witch King by Martha Wells.  Wells is such a beloved author at the moment and I am very intrigued to read one of her books, especially this one which follows a trapped demon who finds himself at the mercy of a lowly mage as he tries to remember how he got into this situation. This sounds like such a fun and awesome book and I look forward to diving into it soon.



Killer Traitor Spy by Tim Ayliffe

Killer Traitor Spy Cover

Another upcoming book I was particularly pleased to get a copy of is Killer Traitor Spy by Australian author Tim Ayliffe.  The fourth book in his John Bailey series, Killer Traitor Spy once again dives into international espionage in Australian politics, this time with a focus on the lasting impact of the Cold War.  I have deeply enjoyed Ayliffe’s previous books, including The Greater Good, State of Fear and The Enemy Within, and I look forward to seeing how his next book turns out.



The Tyrant Skies by David Annandale

The Tyrant Skies Cover

I also decided to dive into the world of tie-in novels associated with Marvel Comics, which included getting a copy of The Tyrant Skies by David Annandale. This book will see everyone’s favourite villain, Doctor Doom, take on the insidious Red Skull in a battle for dominance and control. I know I am going to love this epic book and I am hoping to dive into it soon.



Mockingbird: Strike Out by Maria Lewis

Mockingbird - Strike Out Cover

I also grabbed a copy of the fun sounding book Mockingbird: Strike Out by Maria Lewis.  This intriguing novel will follow the great character of Bobbie Morse, AKA Mockingbird, as she travels to England to investigate a world-ending plot.  This should be another fantastic read and I look forward to diving into the Marvel canon with this outstanding sounding read.




Well, that’s the end of this latest Book Haul post.  As you can see I have quite a bit of reading to do at the moment thanks to all these awesome books that have come in.  Let me know which of the above you are most interested in and make sure to check back in a few weeks to see my reviews of them.

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