Book Haul – 12 April 2020

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a book haul post, so I thought it would be a good idea to once again highlight some of the latest books I’ve been lucky enough to receive copies of.  I’ve actually picked up a few rather interesting reads in the last couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to getting through all of them.

Last Survivor by Tony Park

Last Survivor Cover

The first book in this post is the rather exciting sounding new novel from Australian thriller author Tony Park, Last SurvivorLast Survivor is the latest novel to feature Park’s recurring protagonist Sonja Kurtz, and should prove to be another fantastic thriller set in the wilds of Africa.  I am quite excited to read this book, and I was also rather happy to see that they included a quote from my Canberra Weekly review of Park’s last book, Ghosts of the Past, on the cover of the advanced proof I received (see below).

Last Survivor Cover - Uncorrected Proof

The Deep by Alma Katsu

The Deep Cover

Now this one sounds like it is going to be a rather cool book.  The Deep is a intriguing sounding mashup of the horror and historical fiction genres, that reimagines the events of the Titanic.  I actually got this book as a birthday gift, and I am curious to see how it turns out.

The City of Tears by Kate Mosse

The City of Tears Cover

This is the sequel to the 2018 historical epic, The Burning Chambers.  I love a good dive into intriguing eras of history, and I think that The City of Tears sounds like a rather fantastic read.

Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth

Chosen Ones Cover

Chosen Ones is another book that should prove to be a fascinating read.  It is the adult fiction debut of bestselling young adult fiction author Veronica Roth, who is best known for her Divergent trilogy.  I actually really like the sound of the plot of this book, which focuses on a group of chosen ones after they succeed in taking down their big bad, and I am very interested in checking out what cool ideas Roth comes up with for this story.

The Satapur Moonstone by Sujata Massey

The Satapur Moonstone Cover

The Satapur Moonstone is the second book in a fun, historical mystery series, and I am looking forward to reading it.

The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel

The Familiar Dark Cover

The final novel in this book haul is the dark and compelling sounding thriller, The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel.  This is another cool and interesting book, and I cannot wait to read it.
That’s it for my latest book haul.  Make sure to stay tuned and check out my reviews for this exciting reads.  Let me know which of the above books you like the sound of the most and I will try to get to it first.

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